Dr. Beth Kreitzer

Department of History

Dr. Kreitzer at her book signing October 1, 2004


·        Duke University, Graduate Program in Religion, Ph.D. May 2000

·        Duke University, Graduate Program in Religion, MA December 1994

·        Stanford University, B.A. in English with Honors in Humanities, June 1990

·        Honor's thesis: "Luther's Views on the Roles and Vocation of Women"


·        "Reforming Mary: Changing Images of the Virgin Mary in Lutheran Sermons of the Sixteenth Century"

Fields of Study:

·        Major field: Late Medieval and Early Modern European Religious History

·        Minor fields: Early Christianity, History of Judaism, Social History of Early Modern Europe

Prizes and Awards:

·        Medieval and Renaissance Studies Advanced Dissertation Fellowship, Duke University, 1999-2000

·        Amos Ragan Kearns Dissertation Grant, Graduate Program in Religion, Duke University, 1999-2000

·        Research Fellowship, Institut fur Europaische Geschichte, Mainz, 1996

·        Center for International Studies, Duke University, Award for Travel and Research, 1995-1996

·        Graduate Program in Religion Awards, Duke University, 1991-1998

·        Fellowship, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Duke University, 1991-1994


Reforming Mary: Changing Images of the Virgin Mary in Lutheran Sermons of the Sixteenth Century. Oxford University       Press, 2004.

“Luther Regarding the Virgin Mary.” Lutheran Quarterly 17 (2003): 249-265.

"Mary, Virgin." And “Paracelsus, Theophrastus.” Entries in the Encyclopedia of Protestantism (New York: Routledge,        2003).

"The Sermon as Genre: Lutheran Sermons." Chapter in Preacher and Audience: Sermons in the Reformation and Early       Modern Period, ed. Larissa Taylor (Leiden: Brill, 2001).

"Menno Simons and the Bride of Christ." Mennonite Quarterly Review 70 (July1996): 299-318.

Current Courses:

Spring 2005:

History 247: Protestant and Catholic Reformations

Upcoming Courses:

History 243: Virgin Mary and the Saints in the Christian Tradition

History 244: Women in Early Modern Europe

History 246: The Great Witch Hunt

Religious Studies 225: The History of Christian Thought

 Dr. Kreitzer can be reached at: beth.kreitzer@email.stvincent.edu

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