Alicia Rae Patty Maggio
  Dinosaur Lifecycle Bellows Air Force Beach
  Anna Shrift Elephant Green Grey
  Crackling Solider Froggy Bluefoot
  Brandon Shutty Gold is the Dusk
  Lugano Seems so Close Non Sibi Sed Patriae
  Caitlin Marietti Pure Joy
  Canvas Sad Rain
  Cassandra Robbins To the Lighthouse
  Eyes From the Skies Wheat Green
  Corynne Wright Sherrie Dunlap
  Drawing Class Last Day of Summer
  iPods Walking by the Lake
  Sad Teddy Bear Skye Unferdorfer
  Delaina Smith Untitled 1
  Steeler Country Untitled 2
  Karli Buday Theodore Chavez
  It's Not Over Good Morning
  Foliage Graffiti Timothy O'Mara
  Love, Caffeine, Addiction Light Conquers All
  Stop Staring Lucernian Winter
  Wooden Walk Mountains Among Us
  Nick Manning Shadow Stalking Corn
  Market Menagerie  
  Calcutta Chaos  
  Echoes of Speed  
  Elegant Contortions  
  Garden Gossip  
  Geometric Glow