Dr. Gene Torisky

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


office:  Placid 318

telephone:  724-805-2387

e-mail:  eugene.torisky@email.stvincent.edu

Fall 2005 courses:  PL 120, Logic (sections 01, Honors, and 02); PL 217, Environmental Ethics; PL 270, Political Philosophy:  "The Value(s) of Community"

Fall 2005 office hours:  MW 1:00 - 2:00 pm, TR 11:00 am-noon, and by arrangement



B.A. (1986) in philosophy and political science, Bowling Green State University.  M.A. in philosophy (1993) and Ph.D. in applied philosophy (2001), B.G.S.U.

Teaching and Research Interests

My professional specialization is ethics and social philosophy.  I have training in applied ethics, but also am strongly interested in ethical theory (such as the thinkers discussed in PL 215, Ethics).  I find applied argumentation fascinating - that is, using the techniques of formal logic to clarify my own views and to better understand and critique other people's positions.  I've become increasingly interested in bioethics, and am a member of the Saint Vincent College Institutional Research Board governing the treatment of human subjects.

I've published two academic papers, on social philosophy and on using literature in the philosophy classroom.  I've given a variety of conference presentations, most recently on Kantian moral theory and on Pope John Paul's view of culture in Ex Corde Ecclesiae.  I spent summer 2005 initiating a project on the moral and social philosophy of twentieth century thinker Martin Buber, supported by an SVC faculty research grant. 

Students of mine (at SVC and elsewhere) have worked on senior theses involving fuzzy logic, Wittgenstein's view of personhood, William James's influence on phenomenology, and topics in Chinese philosophy. 

As you can see, the study of philosophy can be a marvelous adventure - it's certainly a lot of fun.  Come join us on this adventure!